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Jan James Candle Care Guide

Love at first light...

Looking after your Jan James candle is key to enjoying its delicious scent for longer.

When you first light your candle, be sure to completely melt the top layer of wax, to the rim of the glass.

This creates a stable burn pool, which provides your candle with its memory, and prevents wax from tunnelling downwards. A wax tunnel cuts precious hours off your candle’s burn time.

Ensuring the top layer of wax melts with each burn promotes stronger fragrance release and encourages your favourite scent to linger throughout your home.

Take care not to let your candle burn for more than four hours at a time.

To extinguish your candle, use a snuffer or blow very gently. Never use your fingers or liquid to extinguish, which will likely disturb your nice flat burn pool and may cause wax to splash.

After each use, trim candle wick to five millimetres, for a cleaner, safer burn. Discontinue using your candle once the wax shrinks to one centimetre in height.

It’s not the pits?

Pitting is the bumpy appearance of wax at the top of your candle.

And while certainly not as pretty as its stylish glass casing, pitting is actually a good thing – it’s a sign that your candle is made with all-natural CocoSoya wax, free of toxic petrochemicals and stabilising agents.

Pitting, or sweating, is a natural feature of our pure soya coconut wax blend, and when you experience the gorgeous perfume and incredible scent throw of a Jan James candle, we’re confident you’ll learn to live with it.


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